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Cybex Mios 2: Can you use the Mios 2 seat pack on the older Mios?

Felso • 13 Jun 2022


Is the old Mios frame compatible with the Mios 2 seat pack? I have bought the frame and the carry cot a while ago before the new Mios version had been released, and I am wondering now if the Mios 2 seat packs will be compatible or do I need the new frame again?

Eli • 13 Jun 2022

Hi, Felso,

If by seat pack you mean just the fabric, that will not be compatible with the older Mios model, no. FOr the new seat pack with the updated features and a renewed canopy, you need its own newer frame. The seat frame however, just as the newer bassinet, will fit onto the older chassis as the attachment system stayed the same.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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