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Cybex Melio: Is there a similar compact reversible stroller for a larger toddler?

Maya • 24 Jun 2022

Is there anything like this (facing both ways, large basket, large canopy, lightweight, cube fold, high mobility), but for child upto 22kg and higher backrest or canopy position for larger child's head?

Eli • 24 Jun 2022

Hi, Maya,

A better quality, but with a smaller basket (at least it seems so, but I never had a problem) is the Cybex Mios. It can definitely fit a larger toddler, I could fit a 4-year-old inside (also thanks to a better leg rest), but it will be a tight fit at 4 years (about 20 kg), and, unfortunately, no, at this size and weight AND being a reversible stroller, you will not find anything more spacious than the Mios. All similar strollers I know were actually smaller when I compared them to it (e.g. the Silver Cross Spirit, the Hauck Eagle 4S, etc.). You can check the Bugaboo Bee which does have a slide-up canopy. but unfortunately no leg rest, and from my experience, that seat was actually much less comfy for larger toddlers.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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