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Cybex Melio: Does the seat unit's mesh stretch over time?

Lana • 30 Oct 2021

Hello to those using Melio for some time. Does the mesh back stretch with the time? My worry is that it might become hammock-like if the child will sleep in it.

Eli • 31 Oct 2021

Hey, Lana,

The fabric that the Melio's mesh is made out of is actually rather sturdy. It, as everything, can get worn out, of course, but I never encountered this problem nor heard of anything like that happening to moms with this model nor the Mios. If you won't put the textiles on the washing machine (here's our [[article:ruyunochi|stroller cleaning guide and why not to put it in the washing machine), there's nothing to be afraid of in terms of stretching the mesh. If anything, a torn fabric is more likely to occur if you bump into something very strongly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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