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Cybex Melio: Can you change and heighten up the hood to fit a larger child in the seat?

Mary • 02 Jul 2022

Hi, Is there an option to put a Priam (and which?) or Mios seat on the Melio frame? To combine a little bit like Bugaboo?

Because on the Melio, the canopy is right above the child's head, and to use it fully up to 2 years of age and even little more, you need a bit extra space. 🤷

Thank you!

Eli • 02 Jul 2022

Hi, Mary,

I think you could, perhaps with a bit of engineering, change the canopy for a different one (probably for the Bugaboo Donkey one, but you would need to buy the extra canopy wires and canopy clasps, which will cost quite a bit), but I must say you will not solve the problem you have, as the hood HAS to be over the seat's end, or it will just stick out and move around with a huge gap in the back.

It is a thing with reversible seat units (more about those here), they are smaller, it has nothing with the weight limit which is almost always a bit overstated. My recommendation would be not to invest too much into your stroller, rather to use it as long as you can, and then get a non-reversible mid-size pushchair in the style of the Oyster Zero which suits a larger toddler better.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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