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Cybex Libelle: What is the height of the back rest and what's the head room?

APMama • 30 Jan 2023

What is the height of the back rest (seat height) as well the height of the seat to the canopy aka how much total head room height?

Eli • 30 Jan 2023


I don't have the head room height measured, and the manufacturer also doesn't state this - one of the reason being it changes incredibly depending on how (at which angle) and who measures it. Mostly this information is not given with strollers, as I've noticed.

Funnily, the manufacturer doesn't state the height of the seat back, either, but I can make an educated guess and tell you it will be about 45 cm. I personally would say that an average child will fit into the stroller up to his/her 3 years approximately (a taller, larger toddler a shorter time).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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