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Cybex Eezy S-Twist2 or Cybex Melio? Which is better and will last multiple children?

CC • 11 Jan 2022

Hi! We are struggling to choise between Cybex Eezy S Twist 2 and Cybex Melio. Any advice on what to consider? We love the lightweight of the Melio, but the smaller size of the Eezy is more convenient.

In terms of resistance are they equivalent? We would like the stroller to last for multiple kids :)


Eli • 12 Jan 2022

Hi, CC,

If you need a stroller to last multiple kids, never go for a lightweight one. I mean well, you just need to think about physics, here - a very light, exceptionally lightweight buggy like these two are is NEVER made to be exceptionally sturdy and durable. Mainly with repetitive folding, overstraining the frame on more demanding surfaces, and overweighing the chassis as the child grows (plus loads of shopping, etc.), these - both of them - will loosen up, possibly developing problems with folding because of unevenness in the joints, and so on. To last multiple kids, go for at least the Cybex Mios which, being a higher-line and a slightly heavier model than the Melios, has at least a chance to last longer - I personally had it and was happy with the built (happier than with a Priam.

If, even so, you want one of these two, take the Eezy S-Twist2. It is, at least, one-piece, and not a lighter version of another stroller (which the Melio is - a simplified version of the Mios). Also, you yourself said it is more convenient for you and sturdiness-wise, there's not that much of a difference, so take the advantage you can get with the Eezy S-Twist...

Still, I would still rather consider a non-reversible lightweight stroller if durability and longevity is your stroller priority - and I strongly encourage you to read our Strollberry guides, mainly about ultracompacts and how to choose a stroller, just for inspiration and consideration of you having opposing priorities, actually (compactness vs. durability, which are actually incredibly hard to combine).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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