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Cybex Eezy S-Twist+²: Cybex Eezy S-Twist+² vs. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, which stroller is better?

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Sabina • 04 Jul 2022

Hey! I am having a hard time choosing an everyday city stroller for my 8 months daughter.

Main criteria:
- as compact as possible, but it should also be able to handle broken pavements/gravel etc.
- adequate canopy and the possibility to see the child through a peek window
- good sleeping position and adequate footrest
- ideally, reversible seat as our baby is not very keen on staying in strollers and it might help her if she sees us
- ideally, an upright position as our baby is quite curious and has the tendency to hold the bumper bar to see better in our Stokke Xplory
- ideally, the stroller should have an option for using it for a newborn in the future (ideally with a separate carrycot)

I have narrowed the list to two strollers: the Cybex Eezy Twist S2 Plus and Baby Jogger City Mini GT2. Each has its own advantages over the other, but I was hoping for some help regarding the overall quality and feel.

Eezy Twist S2+ has a reversible seat and an upright position, however the seat is more narrow (and our baby is at the top of the growth charts), the canopy is not that wide and my understanding is that the overall building quality does not really match the price tag.

The Baby Jogger Mini GT2 is quite appreciated overall, but it is not reversible and it does nor have an upright position and the quality of the textiles and the harness is questionable (based on reviews I have read), however it has a decent canopy and overall good engineering.

What is your advice?

Eli • 04 Jul 2022

Hi, Sabina,

For everyday use and the requirement of a usage with a large toddler and later on a newborn (= longevity and roominess), I would absolutely go with the City Mini GT2. I know, it doesn't tick all the boxes, but it will simply last you much, and I really mean much longer, as the seat is incomparagble more spacious, and the chassis is incomparably more sturdy.

I would only get the Eezy S-Twist+2 if I needed an occasional reversible stroller, not for an everyday sturdy one that should last that long - so if the priorities were the reversible seat and the small weight/fold.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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