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Cybex Eezy, Mios, or another stroller that will be light and comfy for our baby..?

Ilinca • 28 Apr 2022

Hi Eli!

Not sure which stroller would be best for our baby - we would like something light weight, which is easy to fold and unfold and put in the car and navigate on stairs. But also comfortable for the baby, good suspensions (not necessarily all-terrain, but to resist a pothole here and there).

I have looked at Cybex Eezy or Mios, not sure which would be best or if there are other options which are better out there. Many thanks in advance!!!

Eli • 29 Apr 2022

Hey there, Ilinca!

While the Eezy line is more of a travel line, the Mios is actually a very good choice for a small but capable pram. The frame of the Mios is actually sturdier than the Priam's from my experience, and the wheels, albeit small (so they can get into a pothole of course, but such a large one, you'll go around anyhow), have decent suspension and can go over bumps with easy (we had it even on trips on a hill and on dirt roads). As a full-featured pram made smaller, the Mios (as a reversible stroller) will be comfy even for smaller babies, so I can heartily recommend it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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