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Cybex e-Priam: The electric part doesn't work, what to do?

Ash • 14 Mar 2022

I purchased the e priam and the electric part isn’t working, it’s brand new and it was the first time using it. You cannot rock the baby and the electric part doesn’t work. Very disappointed and paid a premium for this pram which doesn’t work at all!

Eli • 15 Mar 2022

Hi, Ash,

The electric part - the battery was never meant for rocking. It is only to help you uphill and to brake when going downhill/when you lose control letting the stroller go, accidentally. Its main feature is to help you push meaning less effort even if the path is going up steep-ish.

About the not working even in that area, you absolutely need to contact the seller and/or the Cybex brand's customer service if it truly isn't working, helping you push, That is why warranties exist - it can be you got a faulty product.

P.S. Leaving a review of your Cybex e-Priam stroller here will help other parents make a good choice, being more knowledgable about the downsides, problems as well as advantages.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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