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Cybex Beezy: Is it good for tall parents?

Andreea • 26 Feb 2023

Hello, is the stroller good for tall parents? I have one and I always push the break when I walk. I am 5.8 tall.

Eli • 27 Feb 2023

Hey, Andreea,

The handle is at about 105 cm from the ground, which should be ok for you being 5.8 (about 176 cm, which is also my height). With these small, travel strollers, though, the danger of kicking the brake is present even if the handle is ok for you, so you need to be ready for that and ideally try it out IRL - as e all have a different style of walking and a differently long step. So, it should be ok height-wise, but I cannot guarantee you won't kick the stroller at all - that's the price to pay for having one of the smallest stroller types there is.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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