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Cybex Beezy: How tall is the backrest?

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eli & vii
Steph • 11 Jul 2022

Does anyone know the dimensions of the backrest? I want to know how high it is... because some strollers have a short backrest and taller kiddos can't rest their heads back.

Eli • 12 Jul 2022

Hi, Steph,

If you want a stroller with a tall backrest and enough space for everyday naps or resting the head of a tall toddler, definitely DONˇT get an ultra-compact stroller, as they are naturally smaller in the seat because of the smallest fold in the world of strollers.

The manufacturer doesn't state the seat dimensions and I personally did not measure it yet, however, I can make an educated guess and tell you the seat back is about 46-48 cm tall from the looks of the seat. The seat, overall, is not going to be very very spacious, though,a nd you need to count on that when getting such a small-sized pushchair.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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