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Cybex Balios S: Germany's extreme winters: Cybex Balios S Luc s. ABC Design Salsa 4 Air, which is better?

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eli & vii
Avani • 17 Aug 2022

Hi Eli,

I am about to make a decision between buying the Cybex Balios S Lux or the ABC Design Salsa 4 Air. I like the Balios S Lux better, have been researching a lot. There are 2 points due to which I am giving 2nd thoughts.

1. I live in Germany, the winters are extreme - the temperature go down to -10 degrees centigrade. The thin canopy of S Lux is bothering me and I am wondering if this would be suitable for extreme winters.
2. The carry cot and the seat unit are overall smaller compared to other strollers available in similar price range; I am worried if my baby might outgrow the stroller before 3 years?

Which one would you recommend Balios S lux or the Salsa 4 Air?

Many thanks!

Eli • 18 Aug 2022

Hi, Avani,

I will start with "the canopy and its thinness will not affect the comfort of the baby in the stroller", meaning the canopy it not the thing protecting it from the freezing cold. It only provides shade and a bit of protection against wind, though, for extreme cold, it won't help you as much - layering, a good footmuff, apron, blanket, etc. will do that. So the canopy thickness would not be the deciding factor for me personally - I'd invest in a good footmuff instead.

About the space, the Balios s is rather spacious actually, seat length-wise, though narrow-ish, which is not the best for thick winter clothing. In that point of view, and also from looking at the wheels which are considerably larger and thicker on the Salsa Air, you'd have an advantage in winter with the ABC Design, space as well as push-wise. So if your priority is to last longer and more comfortable in the winter, yes, the Salsa Air is the better option.

The Balios S is, on the other hand, the lighter, more compact option for the city and the rest of the year. It is practical mainly when you want something nimble-ish, while sturdiness and longevity-wise, rather go for the Salsa.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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