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Cybex Balios S 2in1: I can't fold it to fit in the trunk of the car, should I remove the seat first?

Inês • 09 Sep 2022


I have a Cybex Balios S 2in1 and my question is: I can't fold it to fit in the trunk of the car. I have to separate the accent part from the wheels part, right?


Eli • 10 Sep 2022

Hi, Inês,

Well, the stroller is rather bulky, and you do need to remove the seat unit from the frame to make it an ok size, yes. So first, remove the seat, fold the frame, and store it in two pieces.

If there is a problem with the folding even after removal of the seat, you should find a service/claim your warranty as there is probably an internal problem if the stroller doesn't fold.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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