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Cosatto Wow 2: How to change the harness straps of the Cosatto Wow2?

dimitris • 07 Jan 2022

It is impossible to change the height of straps on the seat of Wow2...? The manual has nothing to do with reality. Is there a video or realistic instructions to follow?

Eli • 08 Jan 2022

Hi, Dimitris,

The way to do it is not easy overall, at least not with these retread-style harness belts - that is why certain stroller brands went for a sliding height adjustment instead. The theory is that you have to tread the buckle OUT after tilting it so that it's possible to slide out of the hole, and then tread in in a higher/lower setting as needed. Yes, I know your struggle, sometimes it is so tight in there that moving and tilting the plastic part is incredibly hard then taking it out of the tight space even harder.

The good news is, it is possible AND you only have to do that very few times in your life, the bad news is it is going to be hard AND there's no exact manual except for the one issued with the stroller. Unluckily, Cosatto did not provide any explanatory video of this particular feature.

If unable to do it, still, I recommend contacting Cossatto's customer service (here is their contact page) - they are usually very eager and willing to help. Also, if you bought your pram in a real shop (not online), you can pay them a visit, they will for sure help you out and/or show you how and what to do.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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