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Cosatto Woosh 3: What is the seat width, and will this stroller be ok for older toddlers?

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eli & vii
EJ • 10 Jul 2022

One of the reviews says that the width of the seat might not be enough for older toddlers - is it possible to say the width?

Eli • 10 Jul 2022

Heya, EJ,

The whole seat is definitely not suitable for older toddlers, it is incredibly short, and yes, not very wide (although, the 32 cm width is reasonable for such a small stroller, but the ultra-short leg rest and the 76cm long seat surface will last you perhaps up to 18 months of age (to a certain extent of comfort). You CAN fit there a 2, 2.5 years old if needed, but he/she will be rather squeezed in there. Defitnitely not for such a kid for everyday use.

We have the seat measurements in The Seat Unit section underneath the stroller, btw. ^_^

Your -very berry- Eli.

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