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Cosatto Woosh 3: Does the seat offer a lie-flat position?

Karen • 09 Jul 2022

Does the woosh 3 have more than one position I.E does it lay flat ?

Eli • 10 Jul 2022

Hiya, Karen,

Well, yes and no, I mean - the strap recline system offers an unlimited number of positions - where you stop, that will be the recline position. About the lie-flat, the norm states that a recline from 150 degrees plus is considered a newborn-friendly recline, and this stroller offers about a 170-175 degree recline, which can be said to be a full recline. It is not 180-degree absolute flat seat surface but it is OK to use with a small baby that doesn't sit by itself yet.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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