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Cosatto Uwu Mix: Can this buggy be taken on board an airplane?

Sarah • 27 Apr 2022


Can I take my Uwu stroller on an aircraft – when I bought they said it was cabin approved ??

Eli • 27 Apr 2022

Hello, Sarah,

The folded measurements of 61 cm x 49 cm x 31 cm are not the most cabin-friendly, so I cannot guarantee it will be accepted as a piece of carry-on luggage on every airline. You need to check with the airline you're traveling with. Anyhow, they are small, so some could be taking it on board. Be prepared it won't be possible to check it as a carry-on, however, if the cabin luggage dimensions will be very close to these, you might try it anyway, as 1-2 cm are usually ok (again, I don't guarantee anything, it is up to the airline).

The last thing to say here is that with a child of a certain age (meaning a toddler, the exact age is, again, to be checked with the airline), you can take the stroller as free baby luggage even if not as a cabin lugagge. Be sure to check the requirements with your airline.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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