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Contours Options Elite: Can I fit a disassembled Contours Elite double stroller and fit it inside a piece of luggage?

lilian • 17 Dec 2022

Can I disassemble the Contours Elite double stroller and fit it inside a luggage so it will be protected while traveling? Or should I just wrap it up when I arrive at the airport while removing the wheels and handlebar and the canopy and wrap up the rest of the stroller, including the seats?

Eli • 17 Dec 2022

Hi, lilian,

You definitely won't be able to put it in any normal lugagle, it is too wide and bulky and irregular for that. If anything, you could perhaps fit it in the Bugaboo Comfrot Transport bag (I include a video below so you can see what I am talking about), but that won't be cheap and I personally wouldn't probably invest in that if you're not planning on using it regularly.

If it's just this one time or once ina. longer period of time, I would probably just use the wrap, to be honest.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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