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Concord Neo: Up to what age is the Concord Neo usable for real?

Lily • 05 Sep 2021

We bought Concord Neo stroller, it's the best stroller in the world ❤️

Till what age we can use it?

Eli • 06 Sep 2021

Hello, Lily!

The Concord Neo is a pram/pushchair that is officially usable up to 15 kg (around 3 years of age). As a reversible stroller, however, and a bucket-seat stroller as well, it is, of course, less spacious than a non-reversible pushchair or a buggy, so it will actually last you a bit less than the usual three years (also, moms using it confirm that). The real usage of the Concord Neo ranges around 18-24 months, and that is how long you will probably use it.

After that, most people pass to a lightweight, non-reversible stroller (the needs of the parents, as well as those of the child change around that time, and something simpler and more lightweight & compact, will be much more appreciated, believe me).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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