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Chipolino Nina: Where to get a car seat adapter?

Sam • 04 Dec 2021


Was wondering if you have an adapter for Chipolino Nina car seat to put on the stroller? Because on this one the car seat has no place to clip on the stroller and can be used for the car only.

Eli • 06 Dec 2021

Hey, Sam,

We sell nothing here on Strollberry, so I cannot help you there. You should contact any seller of this bran/model around you, as this is usually supplied with the pram and/or ordered separately when buying it. You can also try to reach the manufacturer's customer service for ordering such an accessory or any other (spare) part.

Lastly, I would suggest browsing classifieds, perhaps somebody is selling their older Nina and would be willing to sell you the adaptors.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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