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Chicco Mini Bravo Sport: Will this stroller work for gate checking?

Kaitlin • 03 Jul 2022

I am preparing to fly with my 21 month old and want to know if this stroller will work for gate checking? Any experience using this stroller for air travel?

Eli • 03 Jul 2022

Hi, Kaitlin,

With the folded dimensions of 72 cm x 53 cm x 35.5 cm, the Mini Bravo won't meet the cabin luggage requirements, no matter the airline. You should ALWAYS check your airline's policies, but usually, you can take your larger-than-carry-on stroller with you as the free baby luggage up till you are boarding the plane. At that moment, your stroller will be taken from you by the stewards to be stored in the back and returned to you when getting off, so that would be the gate checking.

There isn't just one way and one system for all airlines and flights, so I really recommend checking beforehand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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