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Chicco Mini Bravo Plus vs. Chicco Goody Pro, which is better?

Lu • 20 Jun 2023
Eli • 21 Jun 2023

Hey, Lu,

These are two different stroller types, so each is "better" for a different use case. The Mini Bravo Plus, even if having Mini in the name, is a mid-size, lightweight stroller, and is more spacious, sturdier, has a larger basker. This is the better choice for an everyday urban stroller and will be comfier and last better, however it is larger, bulkier after folding than the Goody line.

The Goody is a travel stroller- best when you need something really small, compact-foldong for travel or occasional use. It will be less roomy, more slanted, seat wise, and with less comfort features (basket, seat padding, overall durability). So this one is the better option for holidays or undemanding/occasional use when the priority is having something very small.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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