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Chicco London: I can’t fold down the stroller, what can be wrong?

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eli & vii
Anne • 25 Aug 2022

I can’t fold down the stroller despite raising the rear locking mechanism & ensuring the back wheels are not locked. The handles don’t go forward so the structure is not folding - I only unfolded it last week so what’s going wrong please?

Eli • 25 Aug 2022

Hi, Anne,

It may be an internal wire or something in the joint brake/snapped and doesn't work anymore. I would suggest a bit of stroller maintenance here, meaning oiling, checking for anything in the way... if nothing works, the folding mechanism probably really got broken, and that is not really a thing you yourself can repair - then, Chicco's customer service or any other stroller repair service needs to come in, though very few of those are still operational, and even they might not be able to repair it, which will mean you'll need a new buggy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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