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Chicco Goody Plus: reviews, opinions, alternatives?

Sam • 11 Nov 2021

Hi eli,

I am looking for an ultra-lightweight ultra compact stroller with an easy fold mechanism, and I found the Chicco Goody plus that fulfill my needs.

Can you provide me your opinion on it, durability, material, comfort, all these things?

And if there is other option please provide me with.

Kind regards,

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eli & vii
Eli • 11 Nov 2021

Hello Sam,

You're in luck, as I reviewed this stroller in-depth. Read the full Chicco Goody/Chicco Goody Plus review full of pictures HERE. Do mind that I had the Chicco Goody while the same can be applied to the Chicco Goody Plus as well, as that one only brings new colors and the travel system option that doesn't, otherwise, change its functionality and features.

You'll find all of my opinion (which was 'positively surprised', btw 😉) and experience in the Expert Review so hurry, it's a long read, but it should answer all your questions and more.

And to other options, there are quite a few but all are always better in some parts and worse in other parts. Quality-wise, I like the Uppababy Minu a lot, but it is not as ultra-compact, not accepted by all airlines as cabin luggage. I can recommend the Easywalker Jackey quality-wise as well, but its seat is more slanted and I find it less roomy. An Ergobaby Metro+ is a very comfy buggy for the child but the wheels may be a bit noisier on cobblestones. And the Silver Cross Clic seems to be a popular option but to me, it seems less sturdy, less spacious, and with harder ride.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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