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Chicco Goody Plus: Is this stroller suitable for a tall toddler? What terrain can it go over?

Fattie • 23 Aug 2022

Is this stroller suitable for a tall toddler (91 cm 13 kgs 2 year old) and though it says it is suitable for up to 4 years, how true is that?

Also, what are the terrains this could be used on?

Eli • 23 Aug 2022

Hey there,

I have used it with a 4 years old, actually - check the pics and the full stroller Chicco Goody review HERE. It is, height-wise, OK, as the hood is higher up, though the leg rest is not really usable with a really large toddler. As an ultra-compact stroller, this is by all means NOT meant for terrain or any heavy use, though the a bit larger wheels of the goody can go over your usual bumpy pavements and the very occasional grass etc. Mostly, though, you should use this buggy on smooth-ish sidewalks, around shops and the usual, everyday rather manicured terrain.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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