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Chicco Goody or Goody Plus? Is there any difference other than the travel system option (ie., in durability)?

Aimy • 20 Apr 2022

I'm wondering which one to buy, Chicco GOODY or GOODY Plus? What's the difference other than the travel system? Are the structures and materials the same? Where is the eco part?

If the strength is the same, I would like to buy GOODY Plus.

Eli • 21 Apr 2022

Hi, Aimy,

It is usually better to go for the newer model, if the budget or color preference is not an issue. The features and sturdiness are the same, yes, and the main difference is the travel system. The fabrics were updated, but pretty much only in terms of colors. A new model was, in any case, a shorter time in stock, meaning it might be a bit sturdier when not sitting in a box for a year or two.

But really, features-wise (if you don't need the car seat/bassinet insert), you'll be good with the Goody as well as the Goody+. Just go for whichever color you like best ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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