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Chicco Goody: How to fix a self-activating brake?

Rosie • 10 Jan 2022

Hello, the brake on my goody stroller is constantly activating. It's always been a bit sensitive that way especially on uneven ground but now is doing it on flat surface too. Do you have any advice how to rectify this please.

Thank you,


Eli • 10 Jan 2022

Hiya, Rosie,

The problem you're describing I did not encounter, but it most certainly means an internal looseness/some kind of damage to the joint. You will need to contact any stroller service - ideally, the seller you bought it at or the manufacturer/any distributor in your country, or the Chicco customer service HERE. They will have to advise you either with your warranty (if applicable), suggesting a retailer to help you, any spare part you need if you need one, or issuing a replacement piece. Do try to find an invoice for the buggy if you can, it usually helps a lot.

You can try to ask your partner to tighten the brake, as there is something loose in there for sure, BUT if you nor he knows what is wrong, you might end up doing more damage than good. That is why try to get their opinion first, even if making and uploading a video on YouTube just to show them what is happening.

I wish you the best of luck.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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