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Chicco Best Friend Pro: Will it be possible to use it on gravel?

Nicola • 04 Sep 2021

Can be used on gravel?

Eli • 06 Sep 2021

Hi, Nicola!

Well, any stroller can be used on gravel, but the performance is ALWAYS very poor there. Also, you will probably need to pull it behind you more than push it forward - but that is true for almost any stroller.

Always remember that the worse the terrain is (and gravel is really a bad surface for anything with wheels), the larger wheels will mean a better ride. This is an URBAN pushchair so it won't perform great on terrain nor on sand or gravel, but you - occasionally - will be able to use it.

Here, read our guide about different types of wheels and think about maybe a suitability of a three-wheeled stroller instead, if gravel and harsh terrain will be your regular pushing grounds.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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