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CBX Leotie Flex: How to remove the covers?

D • 13 Sep 2022

Just picked up a CBX Leotie Lux second hand, it's in really good condition but would like to give it a clean before I put my baby in it. How do you remove the covers to the seat and the straps? Can't seem to find anything on YouTube for this model or info in the manual :)

Eli • 13 Sep 2022

Hiya, D,

The Leotie Lux, I believe, was not made so that you should be removing all textile parts, and definitely not for the washing machine. As a cheaper model, it ould damage the fabrics quite some. Check this article of ours on cleaning and maintenance of your stroller to get some inspiration as to how to clean your stroller even without removing the covers.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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