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CBX Kody Lux: Can the covers and canopy be removed for washing?

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eli & vii
Dora • 30 May 2022

Hello dear team,

Can I remove the cover and wash it? I have problems with the canopy, the cover does not go off because it is fixed to the sun canopy with rivets. LG

(from original German: Hallo liebes Team,
Kann man den Bezug abmachen und waschen.? Ich habe Probleme mit den schirm, der Bezug geht nicht raus weil es am sonnen Verdeck fest gemacht ist mit Nieten. LG)

Eli • 31 May 2022

Hi, Dora,

No, these covers were not designed to be removed and washed in the washing machine. It might actually damage them or make them fade, not even talking about the difficulty to put them back on. It should be hand-wash only.

I put together more about how to clean your stroller HERE in this article about stroller cleaning and maintenance and I recommend reading it, it is valuable information about more than just cleaning, making your stroller last longer pretty.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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