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CBX Etu Plus vs. Ergobaby Metro Plus - which ultracompact is better?

A • 29 Apr 2022

Hi Eli,

Trying to decide between the CBX Etu Plus and the Ergobaby Metro Plus.

I recently took your advice and picked the Etu+ from my own shortlist, only to now be offered a discount which brings the Metro into my budget. Before I wasn't considering it due to the price.

Which one is sturdier? Plus points for CBX - larger wheels, and a bigger basket?

Ergobaby has a larger weight limit (I think, although CBX seems to have different limits depending on where you are in the world so it might be the same). Ergobaby also looks like it has a sturdier frame. It costs way more so would it be built better? Unfortunately, I will at times attach a buggy board but it'll be limited to emergency use only.

What do you think?

The confused mum with a 10mo and 3yo

Eli • 29 Apr 2022

Hiya, A,

If being offered a nice discount, I would actually prefer the Metro+. It is sturdier, even though never expect an ultracompact to be sturdy - but the materials are simply better. Even the seat, the padding, it is more comfortable for the child, as it is higher quality - in any case, the Etu+ s a budget stroller after all. It is not bad, but the Metro+ is simply higher quality, and you cannot go wrong with picking a higher-quality option when offered a nice deal. Of course, you'll be fine with both if going for occasional use, but my (personal) choice would be the Metro in this case, I believe – with the buggy board even more so.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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