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Brevi B.Light: Can this pushchair be used with a newborn baby?

T-FAME • 21 Jun 2021

Good day,

Please, I would like to know if a newborn baby can use this Brevi B-Light stroller and how can it be properly used?

Thank you in anticipation for your kind response.

Eli • 21 Jun 2021

Hello, there!

The Brevi B.Light CANNOT be used with a newborn at all, unfortunately. This very simple buggy is meant for older toddlers - it doesn't feature a full recline nor a sturdy chassis. A newborn nor a small baby cannot be put in any other than a fully lie-flat position, so you'd be hurting your baby to put it in anything where it sits (and not lays flat). There's no carryot nor car seat possibility, either.

This is a stroller that is only suitable for children that can sit independently already - that is, they can sit up without any help. That is from around 10-12 months and up.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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