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Riko Nano: Can this pram handle a trip to the mountains?

Neri • 04 Jun 2021

Hello. We are planning a trip to the mountains. There is a lot of rocks. Do you think this buggy can handle that kind of road?

Thanks, Nerida

Eli • 06 Jun 2021

Hey Nerida,

Sure it can - I mean, I wouldn't even call it a buggy. This is a full-size, robust pram with large air-filled wheels and an adjustable suspension system. Such stroller systems are heavy and bulky, so maybe not the best for trips since they take up most (or all) of your car boot, but if space is not your concern and the elaborateness of the seat unit also doesn't matter as much (simple will suffice), then yes, this might be a pram for you and your mountain trip 😊 I will warn you, though - the seat of the Riko Nano is really on the smaller side and will last you about a year at the most.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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