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Joie Mytrax: Can the pushchair's hood be removed and washed in the washing machine?

Gemma • 17 Jun 2021

Hi there,

Can I remove the hood to wash in a washing machine? X

Eli • 21 Jun 2021

Hey there, Gemma,

I wouldn't really do it. It might be possible with a bit (or a lot) of fiddling with the connections but really, washing a (dark, but any, to be honest) canopy in the washing machine asks fr the canopy to either be torn, to not be able to put it back in the wires, or to fade the color. I would hand-clean it only - I mean, I cleaned almost anything with Waterwipes, but if too dirty to clean with wet wipes, I'd use a foaming agent and a mild brush and a wet + dry cloth.

Here's a stroller cleaning and maintenance guide to help you out with quite a few tips and tricks as to how to clean your pushchair without damaging it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.