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Joolz Hub: Can the Joolz Hub be taken onboard as cabin luggage?

Nessa • 10 Jul 2021

Can the Joolz Hub + go as carry-on luggage on an airplane?
Also is there a footmuff that fits it?


Eli • 13 Jul 2021

Hi, Nessa,

No, the folded size of the Joolz Hub does not fit the cabin luggage requirement. It's compact FOR A REVERSIBLE STROLLER, but not that compact as the mini travel ultra-compact buggies. If needing an airplane carry-on buggy from Joolz, you'll need to consider the Joolz Aer.

Here's also our 2021 top ultracompact strollers article to find inspiration in the world of cabin-sized strollers.

Do bear in mind no reversible stroller will actually fit the ultracompact stroller folded size. Instead, you CAN take a larger stroller on board, but they will take it from you during boarding to store, and return it to you when getting off.

Footmuff-wise, most universal cosytoes will fit the Hub. As a smaller reversible stroller, best are those that are not overly fluffy. For example, the Lodger Bunker is a very popular choice that will fit very well and not take up too much space in the seat. The original Joolz footmuff will fit great, of course, too - and with a smaller baby, the fluffy ones (like, e.g., the Elodie Details foot muff) will fit inside as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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