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Easywalker Miley: Can the covers be removed for washing & which is better, the Miley or the Jackey?

Yaffa • 29 Aug 2021

Are the fabrics removable for washing?

And which model is more recommended - the Jackey or the Miley?

Eli • 30 Aug 2021

Hey, Yaffa,

Yes, one can remove the textiles, but it's not easy: truly, you'll have hell at home once removing them and again when putting them back. It might take you long. I personally wouldn't remove these. In any case, the Easywalker Miley manual says they ARE removable and washable, but it's mostly hand wash or the mildest program. I recommend reading this stroller cleaning and maintenance guide to help you through giving your buggy a wash.

Also, one pro-tip if you still decide to (machine) wash your stroller - make a video of removing the fabrics so that when putting them back, you can rewatch what goes where. Seriously MANY struggle with putting the fabrics back and sometimes end up giving up (really).

Next, which stroller to choose - the Easywalker Miley or the Easywalker Jackey? Well, both Easywalker strollers are very similar in functions, weight, and size. The difference is, the Miley is simpler. So it is also a tiny bit lighter. The advantage of the 'higher' model Jackey is, firstly, in the autofolding feature - so the stroller folds pretty much by itself, and then, in the compatibility with the (optional) insert soft carrycot or with car seat adapters to be used pretty much right from birth. The canopy of the Jackey is also more elaborate and a bit longer.

If I should say which is "better", I'd say Jackey. BUT the Miley, as a simpler model, is lighter and less expensive, and therefore, if you do not need the from-birth compatibility nor the auto-folding feature, I would go for the Miley.

Please, after deciding, don't forget to leave a review here on Strollberry to help other parents as well! 🙏❤️

Thank you, and good luckchoosing the right stroller for you and your family!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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