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Can the BabyActive Trippy triple pram be converted into a quad?

AMH • 26 Oct 2021

Hi - I am looking forward to being a mutliple mom. A Trippy stroller is great, but I need like a quad. Can the front part be put on the back part, and the handle tilted back with a telescoping handle? [+(2)-(2) Like that.

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Eli • 26 Oct 2021


Congrats on the four babies you're expecting, that is huge! I am, unfortunately, not going to make you happy with my answer, which is, no, the BabyActove Trippy is not offering a quad option. Even if you hacked it somehow, as a cheap model, that kind of strain might make it break under your children, which is a very bad safety hazard.

You absolutely need to look at specialized quadruple strollers (a very expensive thing while not being fancy and often not even with newborn options) or two lightweight (ideally forward-facing) double strollers (so you'll have to go out with your husband or mom or a friend...).

There are a few brands offering quad options - check online for stores in your country, or, as I already mentioned, thin of two doubles. Something in the likes of Joovy Scooter X2 x 2 😊 Could work if affordable is also a feature your pram should have. I would most certainly advise against turning a cheap triple into a quadruple model if not designed to work that way.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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