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Can I replace my broken Bugaboo Donkey chassis with parts of the Bugaboo Buffalo?

Jenny • 25 May 2022

Hi, I had my bugaboo donkey 2011 handle bar fully extended with a heavy load of shopping and went down steps and it snapped. I have heard that some of the Buffalo and Donkey parts are interchangeable. Could I replace my Donkey with a Buffalo replacement chassis frame LEFT hand side arm section do you think?

Eli • 26 May 2022

Hi, Jenny,

Here, I think it won't work, I'm afraid. The frame is definitely very different in terms of width (not just overall, but also seat attachment). And I am not exactly sure about what you mean with the handlebar ('LEFT hand side arm section') but I also don't think the things won't be easy to put together. My suggestion is either find the right parts, really, or get a new - even if pre-owned, second-hand-buy Donkey frame.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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