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Venice Child Kangaroo: Can I attach a different chair (seat) to the frame?

PearlyP • 18 Jul 2021


I have a Venice Kangaroo pram with the bassinet, capsule, and toddler chair. Unfortunately my pram has broken and is not fixable. I am wanting to know if the chairs are able to connect to other prams?? Or what I could do with the chairs??

Eli • 18 Jul 2021

Hello, there!

I wouldn't really recommend putting there a seat from a different pram, to be honest. It won't fit - and even if you did push it there by force, it might make the center of gravity wrong and break the stroller chassis or make the steering a nightmare. The only other "brand" that makes the same model with the same attachment system is the Mee-go but that is actually a sub-brand of the Venice Child brand and the prams are the same, really.

I will suggest contacting the manufacturer, Venice Child's customer support, and ask if they could sell you the spare part you need - the seat unit - since yours is broken. The manufacturers are usually willing to help their customers if the band is good and known and wants the people to go back to them. It's part of their PR.

Other than that, I would also recommend going through classifieds, maybe someone around you sells a used Kangaroo and you'll buy it for parts, using what you need.

Good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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