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Mothercare 4-wheel Journey: Can a ripped handle be repaired or only replaced?

Newmummy • 24 Aug 2021


Can I repair the foam handle bar? It has a few little rips on one side and I just wanted to know if I can fix it instead of replacement.

Eli • 24 Aug 2021


Well, it kind of can be repaired - very similarly as bicycle handles are repaired, with a handlebar tape. It is not the prettiest solution - but it is the most effective one. So you will tear down the foam and tape the handle around with the tape (here's an eBay link for inspiration, but you only need to google 'handlebar tape' or ask in a bike repair shop to find it anywhere)...or only replace it.

My next advice would be a second step in this stroller maintenance/repair effort would be to get a cover, so the repaired - taped handle won't even be visible much. You can either have two pieces custom made by a tailor (it's not too expensive to have made), or get ones from Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress (here's a link to what you should be searching for in terms of stroller handle covers).

The covers you can also put over your damaged handlebar foam, btw 😊

Hope I helped! I tried to help as much as possible, and in return, I want to ask you to leave a short review of your Mothercare Journey here to help other parents making their stroller choices. Thank you, and good luck!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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