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Can a car seat be used instead of a carrycot?

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Samantha • 10 Oct 2022

We’re debating about getting a bassinet/carrycot, and instead just using a car seat (Maxi Cosi Pebble Pro) in the stroller until the baby can use the seat. A number of friends said this is what they did (and those who got bassinets/carry it’s said they didn’t find them especially useful as using the car seat worked out just fine). Any thoughts/guidance on this?

Eli • 10 Oct 2022

Hi, Samantha,

To me, this is not exactly true. I mean, partially, for short walks, a car seat, especially a good, reclining one (which is never 180 degrees though it is closer to those - compared with a non-reclinable car seat) can be used instead of a bassinet. However, if you plan on pushing your baby out on a daily basis, of for longer than 30 minutes at a time, the most healthy position for your newborn baby (for at least about 6 months of age) is to lie flat, on a flat surface. That is why carrycots were invented and are still being used, to not have your child for an unhealthy position and develop neck or back problems later on (later onan mean 20, 30, 40 years later as well). Even when growing old, you don't want your kid to have unnecessary pains, I believe.

So, at least from my experience, people are overusing car seats when they shouldn't. I understand why, the child sees more, sometimes cries less, and also money get saved by not getting another part. It is, however, a less protective environment and I personally would not go that way. If I did not want a bassinet, I would get a lie flat seat with a cocoon/soft cot that can be inserted into the seat. I had a carrycot or a soft cot with each of my three sons. Everybody, however, chooses for themselves and their little one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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