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Camarelo Sirion: Can this stroller's fabrics be washed in the washing machine on 30 degrees setup?

Keti • 11 May 2022


I just got a 3in1 Camarelo Sirion Eco stroller and was wondering – can I wash all detachable pieces in a washing machine on 30•?

Eli • 11 May 2022

Hi, Keti,

As only a web helping parents with their strollers, not being the manufacturers ourselves, we put together this guide about stroller cleaning and maintenance, which, I believe, should help you with your question.

With this particular stroller, you can certainly wash the interior of the bassinet, the mattress covers, and internal carrycot padding, in the machine. The seat should be, ideally, hand-washed only, and the canopies I don't recommend washing other than gently with your hand and a soft brush or a wet wipe. The exterior should only be wiped clean.

One last piece of advice - always put hand-wash program if washing in the machine, as the stroller fabrics can get damaged, shrunk, faded, or torn with anything stronger.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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