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Bumbleride Era, Indie, Bugaboo Fox 2 or Uppbaby Ridge - what is best for a 12mo, terrain AND around shops?

Kelly • 07 Mar 2022


I am looking for a single stroller that can handle forest trails/sand/grass/snow really well but that can also fit through grocery checkouts and around smaller shops. We live in a quaint downtown neighbourhood with shops, and near a beach and forests. We don’t plan to jog/run with it :)!. This is our second baby and he’s 12 months. Our oldest has outgrown strollers and walks now. We do realize any of these strollers can’t handle any crazy unmaintained rocky trails - we’d use the carrier for those (baby just hates the carrier). We aren’t concerned about price as we just want a quality stroller that we will use every day - and then we can gift it to a friend!

I have narrowed it down to:
1) Bumbleride Era2) Bumbleride Indie3) Bugaboo Fox24) the newcomer Uppababy Ridge.

So the questions we have for you, to help narrow it down for us are:
A)whether the Indie is that much better at handling terrain than the Era with it’s 3 tires vs a 4-wheeled stroller. If there’s not much difference, we would choose the Era since it seems smaller and thus more maneuverable in shops. We don’t care about having a reversible seat, but do appreciate that the Era seat is taller.

B) Whether the Fox2 could actually handle sand/snow or going over roots (it looks too pretty to do that!)

C) Then there’s the Uppababy Ridge which is so new there’s not a lot of reviews. How do these puncture-free foam tires (also on the Fox2) handle terrain compared to air tires? With its long length 38.5 inches) and wider width (26 inches vs 23.5 on the Fox2 and Era), will it just be too big to maneuver around shops?

Thanks so much!!

Eli • 07 Mar 2022

Hi, Kelly,

I will starts with answering your questions in the order you suggested, so:

A) Well, yes it is, I mean, a three-wheeler is actually better in turning so better maneuverable even in shops AND on worse terrain, however, it is longer AND the handling takes a few walkes to get used to (for some). In the end, however, the push will be better, yes, on terrain. Another thing to add there is that even though the ERA has a higher backrest in theory, it is a reversible stroller so the canopy is closer to the seatback and the overall space in the seat is more limited than in the non-reversible one. I would go for the Indie here as it will last you longer in the long run, and the maneuverability, especially with an older child, will be better. Read more on reversible seaters here.

If you're worried about space/compactness folded & unfolded here, I would also consider the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2.

B) Can the Bugaboo Fox 2 goover snow/sand? Well, yes and no. It is lightweight and, yes, pretty, meaning it is not brutally all-terrain, but the size of the wheels, the quality frame AND the two-wheel mode that allows you to pull it behind you make the trick.

PRO TIP: NO stroller will be ok on sand. None. You will be pulling it on its rear wheels whatever the case. Also good to know, sand is damaging the wheels/ball bearings considerably. Be sure to clean and oil your stroller (here's a guide) after each trip to the beach.

P.S. I wouldn't get the Fox for the situation you are describing, It is too bulky for that AND your child is already 12mo, it doesn't need this kind of pram made for the beginnings, mostly. Just an opinion.

C) About the stroller wheels' types - here's an article - it is not foam, those are REAL tyres with foam instead of air inside. Imagine bike tires filled instead of inflated. It is a system making you have actual wheels with a rubber tire while not having to be afraid of a puncture, and it is actually similar to normal inflatable wheels. They are good, really, a nice invention, the only thing it lacks is the natural suspension of air-filled tires but it is similar to it nonetheless.

The larger tires will actually be super nicely maneuverable, and it is usually so with wheels - the larger, the better in terrain as well as normal maneuverability, BUT the width might be a problem. To be super maneuverable, the large wheels need distance, but more width means more space taken by the stroller (aka having a large thing in front of you). Here, a compromise needs to be made and it is up to you, what do you need more - terrain capability or super small, smart around shops pushchair? I would go for the Ridge rather than the Fox here, BUT the GT2 mentioned above is a nice in-between kind of choice, too. The Bumbleride Indie also works, and I would also look at the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (V3).

I hope I helped, and be sure to read the guides included, they shed a light on quite a few topics ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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