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Bugaboo Fox 3 vs. Uppababy Vista V2: which to get, long term-wise?

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eli & vii
Maxi • 01 Dec 2022

I’m pregnant with my first child and I’m really torn if I should go for a single pram (Bugaboo Fox 3) or one that converts to a double (Uppababy Vista V2). We plan on having one more child with 26 months apart, ideally.

Do we go with the slightly heavier Uppababy to future-proof us or the lighter Bugaboo Fox? We’ve currently reserved Bugaboo Fox in a very good Black Friday sale which is much cheaper than Uppababy but can still swap if we decide, as it’s on layby.

Additional notes: we want the best design, quality, and functionality but want to be cost-efficient long term. We have a mixed lifestyle of lots of walking and driving and we’re both 6ft.

Eli • 01 Dec 2022

Hey, Maxi,

If you have a Bugaboo Fox cheaper than a Vista reserved, I say go go go for it! I mean, a Fox is so, so much lighter and will be easier, more pleasant to use, long term. Also, you never know if the second baby will work out as soon as you'd want to, or whether it will want to be in the stroller around 2 years of age - my eldest didn't want to be there, and ended up running around all the time, so even if we had a double stroller for a while, I was mostly feeling it wa sa burden and sold it, going for a baby carrier and baby wrap instead (my second-thirs setup was, after that experience, just a single stroller and a carrier, and they were 24 months apart).

Next, the Fox is a very nice, popular model that sells easily and quickly, so even if you'd decide you do need a different, single-to-double model, you will simply sell it and with not much loss, to be honest, if you get is for a good price.

Overall, this is a no brainer to me, as me, as an urban mom, always preferred to have a lighter model, and you truly cannot say what is going to happen in two years. So, from my point of view, get your Bugaboo, it's a practical choice!

Your -very berry- Eli.

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