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Bugaboo Fox 2: Looking for an overnight-approved carrycot: would you recommend the Uppababy Cruz or the Bugaboo Fox 2?

Vivian and Javi • 01 Sep 2021


Thanks for the reviews here. I'm looking for a travel system with an overnight bassinet and deciding between the Uppababy Cruz and Bugaboo Fox 2. How do the bassinets for the two brands compare?

Vivian and Javi

Eli • 03 Sep 2021

Hey there, guys!

Well, you picked two incredibly good strollers and stroller brands. Between these two, you actually can't make a bad decision, really!

If I was comparing the bassinets only, however, I would probably go for the Bugaboo. The reason is simple - it is larger, so it will last you longer. Also, I like that its canopy is of a cleaner design, but that is just a personal preference - the Uppababy Cruz's proving ample sun coverage as well thanks to the sun visor.

Overall, if I can add something into the decision-making, the just-released Bugaboo Fox 3 is also worth mentioning here since its carrycot now features the panoramic/ventilation window on the base as well, so even more airflow for the overnight sleeps (which is always better). Aaand for the sake of the Cruz, I will say that it is a wee bit smaller/more compact (also thanks to the smaller wheels) so if you don't need a kind-of all-terrain-wheels stroller but an urban one will do, the Cruz might be what you should be looking at.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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