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Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Inglesina Electa, which is better? And is the Electa ok for forest roads?

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eli & vii
Madeleine • 13 Oct 2023

Hi Eli,

I´m hesitating between Dragonfly BGB and Electa Inglesina: do you think Electa is ok, also to go for a walk in forest for instance, I mean not only in town?

Thank you for your answer! (And sorry for my English)

Eli • 13 Oct 2023

Hello, Madeleine,

Between the Dragonfly and Electa, Electa is the sturdier. The Dragonfly definitely isn't for dirt and forest roads, it is a VERY urban stroller, too light to be sturdy enough for that.

The Electa is the strdier, as I said, and a nice choice for the city. You can pass some bumps with pretty much any stroller, but for any more regular forest walks, it is not the best choice, the suspension is harder, and the ride will be bumpy. I would go for a bit larger wheeled stroller for that.

Check the Easywalker systems for example, or the Baby Jogger City Sights. Joie strollers could be a nice option, too. Of course, I am suggesting more urban models that are a bit more suitable for bumpy roads.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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