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Bugaboo Dragonfly, Inglesina Electa or Nuna Triv Next? Which compact full-featured stroller to choose?

Nick • 02 Jul 2023

Hi Eli,

Well done for your excellent work here! Which one would you choose between Bugaboo Dragonfly, Inglesina Electa and Nuna Triv Next? Is there a better choice other than these 3?

Eli • 02 Jul 2023

Hey, Nick,

My best option for a reversible, full-featured pram would be the Cybex Mios actually - small but room, compact and light but sturdy, and small-wheeled but with nice suspension. All of your three are missing something out of these features (for me).

The Electa is lower to the ground and bulkier, plus not that much suspension. Otherwise, great pram, especially the bassinet is luxurious. The Dragonfly is super light and seemingly easy-folding, but not that study feeling and there was some kind of problem with the seat. The Triv Next has a smaller seat and is kind of average for the price, not bad but not special.

I guess I may go with the Dragonfly because of the weight and seat, but my choice would probably still be the Mios. None of the three you've mentioned are bad though, and whichever you like better or has a nicer price tag for you will be an ok choice, I believe.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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