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Bugaboo Dragonfly: Bugaboo Dragonfly vs. Nuna Triv Next - which is sturdier and more comfortable?

Mike • 22 May 2023

Can you please compare Bugaboo Dragonfly vs Nuna Triv Next in terms of sturdiness, comfort and the ride quality? We live in city and need a sturdy stroller which can be folded easily to put in the trunk / closet. Our choice is between these two strollers and we can’t decide. Thank you for the advice

Eli • 23 May 2023

Hey, Mike,

The biggest advantage of the Dragonfly is the super low weight. And that, combined with the reversible seat, means practical, nimble steering and also folding, however not sturdiness per se - the lower the weight, the less the stroller will be sturdy. Both strollers are very similar, compared to features and comfort, and so if it comes down to sturdiness, the Nuna Triv Next, about 1 kg heavier, will be better in that aspect. Dragonfly will however be a bit more nice to steer - but worse on terrain.

The important thing to tell you here is that both strollers are quite light and none of those will be really crazy sturdy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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