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Bugaboo Dragonfly: BGB Dragonfly vs. Nuna Mixx Next, which is more compact and which rides smoother?

Anatara • 23 Jun 2023


Can you compare the Bugaboo Dragonfly with the Nuna Mixx Next? My take is the benefits of the Dragonfly is weight but I do like that the Nuna Mixx Next folds more compact. Also seems like the wheels are more sturdy and would offer a smoother ride on bumpy sidewalks? We are separately planning to get the Joolz travel stroller but wanted something for everyday use and regular neighborhood walks.

Welcome your thoughts!

Eli • 24 Jun 2023

Hey, Anatara,

If you're getting the Joolz Aer+, the Dragonfly may not be the best option in this case for you as it is incredibly light = not as sturdy, and very urban. You don't ned two urban strollers, usually - so your best bet is to take one "workhorse" for the first 1-2 years - can be more (btw, the Mixx Next is not more compact, it's actually on the bulky side, and also much heavier), and one light, urban model.

The Mixx Next, although with some downsides (that weight andbulkiness, plus not that bug of a seat unit) is in any case a comfier everyday pram, and will ride softer on bumps for sure. The Dragonfy is a compromise of sorts - a pram for those needing extremely low weight and don't mind that it takes away from the all-terrainness and overall sturdiness.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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