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Bugaboo Butterfly: Will the fabric fade easily?

Charley • 14 Jul 2022

Like most Buggaboos I've had, the fabric sun fades very easily. Will this happen to the Butterfly???

Eli • 14 Jul 2022

Hi, Charley,

Well, I have not yet seen one faded, but the model is very very new, so it is hard to tell. Bugaboo did not change the fabric quality much, though, so it is possible that if the newer models faded in the sun where you are located, it might happen to the Butterfly. An advantage with the Bugaboo strollers is, however, nice customer service and spare parts availability, and extra canopies that can be bought, which many other brands don't have - and when those strollers fade, there is no easy replacing the hood.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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